Bike Sharing Naples

The bike-sharing system has become one of the tools of sustainable mobility more widespread and popular in recent years and that more and more Italian cities make available to their citizens. It is, in fact, an incentive to use his equipment at the practical and green, without actually owning it. This bike sharing system, through various locations throughout the area, brings not only significant environmental benefits, linked to less use of the car and, therefore, by lowering the values of air pollution. Reduces transportation costs and to circumvent the problem of the traffic, strongly felt in big cities, even circulating Duranti blocks imposed because of the smog.

Bike sharing Naples, operation :
The mechanism that regulates access to the bike sharing service for users is very simple. You must first register with the agency responsible for the service and receive their membership card or access key. The conditions in this case will vary according to the manager, who will require a subscription to Time, an annual or sometimes simply a small deposit on the card or key granted provided.

The bike can then be withdrawn in one of the points of reference in the area and used for as long as necessary. In some cities it is recognized window of time within which the service is essentially free, usually between 30 and 60 minutes. Once this limit, the service will become even in these cases for a fee and subject to the tariffs of the operator.

The delivery can take place in two different modes: the point from which it is taken and at any other stall signaled by the operator. It is necessary in this case to inquire directly at the time of the choice as to which is required by the bike-sharing service to which it is addressed.


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