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Capri island Tour, The island of CÁPRI has long been the most sought-after destination in the Bay of Naples. No place is more glamorous than this tiny isle of immense, weatherworn crags, jutting out of the deep blue waters just off the Sorrentine peninsula. Composed primarily of softly gleaming white limestone, Cápri is a mostly perpendicular environment, presenting tall rock faces around much of its perimeter. Still, where vegetation does grow across the island’s jagged surface, it is lush, dense and fragrant – nearly a thousand species of flowers and plants grow here – helped along by the agreeable climate. The Isle of Capri is famed as a classy and beautiful holiday destination. It’s an island of myths, ranging through Sirens charming seafarers, ancient Roman orgies, dreamy seaviews, 1950s celebrities in big sunglasses, and lazy summer evenings spent browsing in exclusive boutiques alongside the world’s elite.

Capri is an island of many contrasts. For rushed daytrippers, it is a crowded maze of expensive boutiques. For celebrities and the ultra-rich, a point of rendezvous. For historians, it is the palace-island of the Emperor Tiberius, dotted with neglected Roman remains. Walkers can step out along scenic short walks. For leisurely holidaymakers, it can present all this and more, along with staggering views and blue, blue sea. It is a dream destination.

And if you stay overnight, you’ll find a different Capri. After the last daytrippers leave, a kind of exclusive peace settles over the island as those who are privileged to be staying overnight emerge for their evening passeggiata, or to sip drinks on the famous little square, the Piazzetta.

Capri island is divided in two municipalities; Capri town itself, which is in the centre of the island, and is where most of the hotels are located, and Anacapri. Anacapri is situated on a plateau above Capri, and is a quieter, more ‘normal’ town. The principal Capri tourist attraction is the island itself; its views, its rocky seashores and its scenic charm. There is plenty of good walking – or strolling – to be done as you explore the island. Top scenic panoramas include views of the Bay of Naples, the Faraglioni Rocks and the Gardens of Augustus.

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