Esoteric Naples

Esoteric naples, in Greekmythology, Naples was built where the Siren Parthenope was washed ashore after she had been rejected by Odysseus. Greek colonists, perhaps from Rhodes, may have founded a colony at this point as early as the 10th century BC, but this too may be the stuff of legend. What is certain is that Greeks from Cumae built a new city nearby, calling it Neapolis (new city), while the original town was renamed Palaeopolis, or old city.

As for myths and legends, the city of Partenope is particularly prolific, Naples is a city caught between sacred and profane. Its inhabitants are distinguished for being very superstitious. Here superstition and a deep rooted sense of religiosity peacefully coexist. You can find, inside the most of the shops, typical signs to prevent bad luck and, among them,  certainly the most famous is the red horn… but that is not all! You won’t find any streets without its religious niche.

Underneath modern Naples is an 80-kilometer-long labyrinth of caves hidden, which lies up to 40 meters underground. The individual caves were created when people mined the yellow tufa that was used to build the houses that stand above each of these caves. Since 400 B.C., the caves have been used for all kinds of different purposes. They served as secret places of refuge, cult sites, catacombs. In the Second World War, people took shelter there during bombing raids. They left impressive drawings of their fears and thoughts on the walls of the caves, which you can still see today.

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