Ice Cream Festival


Ice Cream festival  will arrive in Naples as part of the tour that will involve several Italian cities and international, all ready to welcome this tasty event.

In Naples, four days all dedicated to homemade ice cream and other special treats. The figures of the last summer were a record and showed the full audience, with nearly a million and a half people throughout Italy attended the event.

That’s why the Ice Cream Festival expects to be repeated this year, especially in our warm city that last year welcomed him in the beautiful waterfront.
An event where you can taste not only the ice cream from the traditional flavors, but also to discover new flavors, mix unpublished, some ice cream specialties and special products made for the occasion.

During the Ice Festival visitors will have the opportunity to sample many different flavors thanks to the tastings offered by the master ice cream in the stands and the companies present. Unpublished tastes, innovative combinations, ice cream made with organic products, Doc or zero miles that are both innovative but also related to the culinary tradition of our territory.
One of the peculiarities of the Festival is the Gelato-Concktail, the so-called ice cream drink. Cold, version-to-drink becomes a real sweet and can be enjoyed as an aperitif. It is offered in both alcoholic is soft, intended for those who prefer a straw or spoon to the cone.
Will be proposed even ice cream for those with specific needs, such as sorbets without milk and gluten-free flavors.

One of the highlights of the days of the event is definitely the competition that pits the most important master ice cream around. Experimenting with new flavors and new combinations will try to win over the public and experts. It will also be an opportunity to learn the specialties of each teacher and discover new flavors.
The jury that will judge the participants of each stage will decide, in the end, the Best Ice Cream Makers of Europe . Jury that one side will be popular with the public will choose their favorite teacher by writing his name on a postcard, on the other will be a jury composed of industry experts.

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