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Largest of the islands in the Bay of Naples, ISCHIA rises out of the sea in a series of pointy green hummocks. Its perfect cone shape is the giveaway to its geological roots: the island is essentially a long-inactive volcano (last known eruption 1301), although in this notoriously seismic area, perpetual slumber is no certainty. The main port is defined by the nearly perfect rim of an extinct crater, opened up to the sea only in 1855, when part of the ring was ordered to be cut away by Ferdinand II.

Ischia Porto has some good beaches, once you get past the buildings hugging the shoreline. The Spiaggia San Pietro and Spiaggia del Lido are to the right of the port – follow Via Buonocore off Via Roma – while the Spiaggia degli Inglesi, its name hailing back to the brief British hegemony in the early nineteenth century, is on the other side of the port; take the narrow path that leads over the headland from the end of Via Jasolino.

The first village you reach heading west from Ischia Porto, CASAMÍCCIOLA TERME, is a spa centre with an array of hotels and a crowded beach. The village’s claim to fame is that Ibsen spent a summer here, writing Peer Gynt, but most people stop off here for its spa waters, which are said to be full of iodine (reputedly beneficial for the skin and the nervous system). Dedicated to medicinal cures – the radioactive waters are thought to help respiratory disorders – it also offers the usual pampering treatments. You can soak in pools beneath ancient brick arches or opt for a massage or mud treatment.

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