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Mount Vesuvius stands guard over a bay which owes its beauty and characteristic curves to the violent and often deadly explosion of a series of volcanoes. The conical shape of Monte Epomeo on Ischia still shows its volcanic origin; one submerged crater now does service as the port of Ischia and hot springs abound. Capri, once joined to the mainland, is geologically an extension of the Sorrento peninsula; time has carved beautiful caves along the island’s precipitous coastline. Just beyond Punta Campanella are islands known to Homer as the home of the Sirens.

Formed by an immense crater, the Bay of Naples is both sheltered and exposed; sheltered by the curve of hills to the east which create a natural semi-circular amphitheatre, but open to the sea. The zone is volcanic, shaped by cones and craters of all ages, some submerged, some still bubbling with thermal springs and jets of steam.Now that Vesuvius is quiet (the last smoke trail was seen in 1944), the most active crater in the region is the Solfatara at Pozzuoli. The living,breathing quality of the land led Homer to choose the coastline as the setting for parts of the Odyssey. Chaotic development along the coast has not deterred visitors from seeking out and appreciating the beauty of the bay.

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