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Toledo metro Station – With over 150 years of history, the “tube” London can boast the title of oldest subway in the world. But the prize for the most beautiful subway station in Europe goes to the station of Toledo, in Naples, at least according to a recent ranking by CNN, which sees the second step of the podium station Westfriedhof, in Monaco, and the third that of Komsomolskaya , in Moscow.

In the travel section of its online site, the all-news network said that over the decades, including Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Milan have made their underground railways, providing them with electric trains and often surpassing the metro stations in London terms of aesthetic qualities, demonstrating that there are many factors to consider to make a metro station modern and charming. And in this sense, the stop of Toledo, inaugurated in 2012, beats all, thanks to the “light panels» made by Robert Wilson.

And this “magnificent station” has nonetheless rivals respectable. In fourth place, there is the station Olaias Lisbon, the fifth Westminster, in London, and the sixth T-Centralen, Stockholm. The Paris Metro comes only in ninth place, with the station Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre.

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