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Since its first eruption in 79 AD, when it buried the towns and inhabitants of Pompeii and Herculaneum, Mount Vesuvius has dominated the lives of those who live on the Bay of Naples, its brooding bulk forming a stately backdrop to the ever-growing settlements that group around its lower slopes. There have been more than a hundred eruptions over the years (see box opposite), and the people who live here still fear the reawakening of the volcano, and with good cause – scientists calculate it should erupt every thirty years or so, and it hasn’t since 1944. It’s carefully monitored, of course, and there is apparently no reason to expect any movement for some time.

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On the way up to the Vesuvius could see the wonderful view overlooking the Gulf of Naples, the guide will explain all the features and history of Vesuvius. It ‘was an eruption of Vesuvius that buried the city of Pompeii. Arriving at the summit of the crater you will make a long walk of 1.5 hours that will take you to the mouth of the volcano, always accompanied by a specialized guide, you can see up close the mouth of the volcano from which emerged the fiery lava.
BUT ….. Do not fear the Vesuvius today loves us and protects us every day.

Amalfi Coast

The steep slopes and rugged beauty of the Amalfi Coast have enchanted visitors for centuries. Mount Vesuvius reigns majestically in the distance, dominating the scenery as it once dictated the lives of the area’s inhabitants with its eruptions. Dotted with little hillside towns, the serpentine road connecting them usually has bumper to bumper traffic. In the off-season the traffic decreases considerably, but then so does the temperature, and bathing in the sea is one of the attractions of this coastline. The narrow, two-lane road that joins Vietri (near Salerno) to Positano is dug almost entirely out of the rock, and curves maniacally. Built in the 1800s by the King of Naples, this road follows the lay of the mountains on one side and the stunning curves of the sea on the other. Every turn offers coastal panoramic views of unparalleled proportions.


Perched up hillsides in a tangle of houses, alleys, stairways and tourist shops, overlooking a series of pristine beaches, the town of Positano  has been a part of this beautiful landscape for almost a thousand years. Because of its timeless beauty, Positano has been the playground of the rich and famous for centuries. Writers, musicians, nobles, aristocrats – all have come here to bathe in the azure waters and relax in the lush green hillsides. Filled with excellent restaurants, world-class hotels, and all manner of water sports, Positano is a perfect holiday destination.

You Can Expect from this tour

the winding road that leads to Positano will allow you to admire the coast. the characteristic of the Amalfi Coast are the narrow streets overlooking the sea. arrived in Positano the most beautiful town on the Amalfi coast we will stop for one hour. during the stop you will be free to wander through the narrow streets of the village and enjoy a delicious ice cream or shopping.

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